Approximately sixty years ago, the first airport chapel in the United States was built in Boston's Logan International Airport. Mr. Edwin Hogg, an Eastern Airlines employee, was instrumental in requesting to have a chapel where he worked.

According to the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains report, there are 150 world-wide chapels with at least 40 in the United States. O'Hare's chapel celebrated their 50th year anniversary in November 2010. Fr. Michael G Zaniolo, Chaplain at O'Hare, reports, "Almost every time I walk by the chapel at O'Hare or Midway, I notice individuals inside quietly praying or meditating, often people of different faiths using the chapel at the same time."

The Milwaukee County Board has recognized the value of having a space at General Mitchell International Airport for the traveler and employee that traverse through the airport. Chariman Michael Mayo, Sr. Chairman of the Transportation, Public Works and Transit Committee, commented,"Not only will the chapel give travelers a place to worship and meditate, it will hopefully make their traveling experience a little more relaxing as well."

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General "Billy" Mitchell

General Billy Mitchell

The Story

The Milwaukee County Airport was named after General William "Billy" Mitchell.  In life, General Mitchell was considered to be a leader and a man of vision.
The Board Members of the Interfaith Airport Meditation Room of Milwaukee who envisioned and created this project for Mitchell International will also have a place in the airport's history as their endeavors and work will prove instrumental in providing a peaceful oasis to benefit travelers, employees, airline crews and visitors.